Friday, 10 January 2014

Getting Lost on with funny cats video

I love youtube its a source of endless entertainment I have just come from there now. Today I was looking for a clip for my previous blog article, yes I know it had very little to do with promoting Thanet but this is my blog and if I want to do an article on BBC Question Time and Immigration I will because it is MY blog so before you comment asking how this article Promotes Thanet forget it and head back to the stone from under which you have undoubtedly been living.Well back to You Tube or should that read Youtube either way my adventure started watching a clip about cars, The Skoda Yeti looked good and then I was cutting Aluminum Sheet but the guy was AMERICAN  so it was Aloomium sheet with an accent on the Alloom he got the mium bit right. I then discovered how to make pencils. I had a particular interest in this because of Michael and his art works. I also discovered  Staedtler  make 1.8 MILLION pencils per day. I am unable to hold a pencil anymore so my MS has put an end to me becoming an artist anytime soon. 1.8 million pencils is a lot but at the end of the clip they showed how in the 16th century Staedtler  had started out making individual pencils and it looked rather good. Just think if we made more stuff by hand we could employ more people maybe I am becoming a Luddite and hankering back to the days of rickets and life expectancy of  life being short and working conditions harsh. I am sure my hankerings for the past are very miss guided and life is much easier today.. Well thats all from me I am off to watch some cats doing silly stuff on Youtube.

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