Sunday, 1 December 2013

Perfect morning bird watching

Yep watching birds does it for me. My wife has gone out so here I am sitting at the back window watching my garden birds. No exotic species just common or garden local birds. Well there is Starlings and Sparrows you cannot get more common than that can you? Well I am delighted at having Sparrows! They have become a rare visitor over recent years and to me they are a British bird delight. Fun to watch they are true cheeky chappies but they are in decline as more nesting sites are removed. I grew up on a farm in the 60's and the place was alive with sparrows in every nook and cranny. But the buildings the nested in are now demolished and the Oast house near by has become a home for people rather than Owls and Bats. We are a whole lot tidier than we used to be with plastic fascias where once were holes for nesting birds. I even saw someone hovering their garden the other day. Yes no nesting material left in that garden you may well have put up a sign birds go away do not mess my manicured space.
    I have sat at the back window listening to the cooking show on TV and drinking coffee and taking pictures of the birds, and it has been a privileged. Seeing those creatures fight for first dibs at the feeder is fun, for me a perfect morning.

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