Thursday, 19 December 2013

Ebay prices beware

I have posted about this on my Retro Film Camera Blog but you need to check ebay prices ad dont just dive in there and buy. I turned the computer on and saw a book I would like to own. It was priced at £7.50 plus p&p came in at £10.35 not bad until you check it against other book sellers Amazon £3.65 and Abebooks £1.43 and that is without contacting our own dear Michaels Bookshop so before you wave good bye to your hard earned cash dont just click buy it now Think before you click. I know Michael sell new books at reduced prices often less that can be found elsewhere and his range of secondhand books is legendary.


  1. A good warning Don and If I lived there I would much rather check by Micael's book store first. Denise xxx

  2. Yep Michaels is a great place but more and more people shop online and the high street shop is an expensive place to run. The Rent Rates etc cripple many start ups and they fold with in the first year. Yet an online shop can cost very little.


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