Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas is over New Year Celebrations are on the way

Well Christmas has come and gone now it is New Year to be dealt with. So far it has just been on the horizon but it looms ever closer by the day and the days are getting shorter. I have enjoyed most of my 58 New Years some more than others and some I was too young to know much about. At 58 I am getting to the time in life that some of those I have had fun with are no longer around, they are just happy memories. Lots of the places I had fun in have been pulled down to make way for a bright new future. I can say in my humble opinion that future is neither bright nor new just different! You will be forgiven for thinking I am just a miserable old man. You are right I am old, so one out of two aint bad. Life goes on, I have seen it all before. I wish you a Happy New Year and may you have many more of them.
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  1. How I love that beautiful picture, as well as the inspiring new year messages written on it. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Holidays!

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