Thursday, 26 December 2013

Boxing Day Sales silly

I new if was sale time when DFS adverts told me to buy a new sofa. Its very unusual for DFS to have an advertising campaign telling us that there is a sale on but today every advert I have seen has been someone trying to get the last few coins out of my pocket into theirs. Beds Baths Sofa's and Stereo's everyone want you to believe they have the cheapest deal for you. I have never been a consumer who has been drawn into the sales frenzy. I tend to need something before I buy it, I find following the crowd is not for me. All the stuff being piled high and sold low is helping the retailer clear old stock and come the New Year the new models will be filling the shelf. You wont be able to be a trend setter because all of you cash went South in the sales.

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