Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Twitter works for small businesses do you tweet ?

I love Twitter and I love small businesses. Here at Promote Thanet I try and promote not just the area of Thanet but its shops and garages its hotels and its pubs and if I see a local website with a twitter account I often retweet and make no apologies for doing so. This is one such post. I discovered Picnic Pantry on twitter, they had started following me and I headed on over to see who they are and where they are located. Well I have found out! They are located in Oscar Road Broadstairs and Picnic Pantry and as well as being a small cafe they do catering :- this is cut from the website
 Business meeting
We can supply platters of sandwiches, baguettes or any other nibbles for your Business lunch
Party buffet style food can be supplied as required, including vol-e-vants, sausage rolls and other types of finger foods, as well as platters of sandwiches, pizza baguettes, baguette platters, quiches
Funeral wake
It is a hard time when a relative has passed away. We can supply sandwich platters for your celebration of your loved one life passing, so you can have one less thing to worry about
Enjoy your children's Christening or other religious events, while we supply the buffet food for the celebration afterwards
I have never eaten at Picnic Pantry but my daughter has and I have had good reports so head on over and support our local economy.  They can also be found on Facebook :-


  1. We also do FACEBOOK and GOOGLE+ too
    look us up - PicnicPantry

  2. it is good to hear I am constantly amazed by the small traders who have no web presence. Web sites are so easy to produce and the cost is very low for a DIY package even only a Facebook page is something but people are still scared by the world wide web

  3. So very true Don, interesting how i mentioned this recently suggesting us local businesses all give each other backlinks to help promote each other. Was thrown back in my face, even the google+ page bit as 'most people don't use it' (by a local web design company !). Well we do and if anyone does look in Broadtsairs, we are pretty much one of the only businesses on it, so i wont complain if they come through our door.

  4. I believe most small indies are their own worst enemies they are strong enough to go it alone but then stay alone. One customer provided by the effort should be worth it


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