Monday, 18 November 2013

Thanet Peoples Millions projects

I must admit to knowing next to nothing about the Peoples Millions and even less about Thanets hopefuls. I tried registering with the property Millions website to vote and eventually gave up (anyone else suffering the same fate). I found out about the local good causes via twitter (I love twitter). Back to task in hand .............. the projects are Broadstairs Town Shed 
Now everyone just loves a shed and this is a special shed for doing things and meeting people this is a clip fromm their website 
We have been selected as Finalists with our bid for significant funding from The Big Lottery Fund, as part of a competition to be aired o, ITV’s ‘People’s Millions’ on Monday, 25th November at 6.00 pm appx.
They are going to make a sort film about our project and plan to establish the Shed for the Town. That film will be on the ITV Meridian East local News between 6.15 and 6.30. We face a head-to-head with another group, and as with all People’s Millions grants, it’s all down to Public Vote.
The project with the most votes at the end of the night WINS THE FUNDING!!!
I hope people have better luck voting than I did!!!The next project is a at Ramsgate Ellington Park to be precise. Once again I have pinched this from the web and there's loads more information available out there the site is
Also lots of stuff on I could not copy from the Ellington Park website so copied the above. So all in all two worthwhile schemes that deserve the good people of Thanet to get behind them. So lets support them and vote Here is a link to the Peoples Millions WEBSITE

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  1. Hi Don,

    Chris here from Friends of Ellington Park. Very many thanks indeed for your instalment on Thanet's People's Millions bids! I have private-messaged you on Facebook (probably in the "Other" section) with some campaign posters and photos.

    The reason you wouldn't have been able to vote is because the way they have formatted the competition is to release the phone voting number on the day itself (i.e. 26th November for us; 25th for Broadstairs) and not beforehand.

    Thank you once again.
    Kind regards.
    Chris Scutt


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