Friday, 22 November 2013

Thanet Sand Attraction website Broadstairs Thanet Kent

Ross Andrews is well known in Thanet his Beach Kiosk at Botany Bay is the place for Bacon Sandwiches during the summer season. Botany Bay has become THE place for film work and Kent Film Office often recommend Thanet for location work for various films and TV productions . Ross has appeared in several and his quad bike has helped many film production crews as they come to terms with working on Thanets wonderful sandy beaches. More recently Ross has become involved in Sand Art and his Website www.sandattraction show the wonderful work he can do. Many companies are looking for new and unusual ways to promote their wares and Ross does Brand Logo and Advertising plus Film/TV Promotion works. How about a Beach wedding with Sand art from Sand Attraction 
Ross has experience in all of these areas and is happy to discuss your requirements and help achieve your dreams.  


  1. Good to see someone with an original idea. Hope it is successful.

  2. I hope Ross is successful his sand art work is amazing he has a real skill and he also makes delicious bacon rolls


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