Thursday, 28 November 2013

Sands Hotel and Other Hotels in Margate

Margate fifty years ago was teeming with hotels and guest houses, we have all heard the jokes about seaside landladies Morcombe and Wise would have only managed half of their sketches had it not been for the guest house landlady. Well over the years things have changed I can remember all the Hotels and Guest houses in every road in Cliftonville and all the coaches that collected visitors for day trips each morning. Well the cheap package holidays put paid to all that and we are still dealing with the old Hotels that were converted to flats or HMO's (Houses of Multiple Occupation). What we now have here in Thanet are some Marvelous Hotels catering for visitors to the area. I recently wrote an article about the new Sands Hotel on Margates Seafront well we are lucky in Thanet we no longer have the landladys who were the brunt Les Dawsons jokes, we have some marvelous places for visitors to stay. My wifes relatives love the Fayreness Hotel overlooking the beautiful Botany Bay with its marvelous chalk cliffs and free standing chalk stacks. I have had many happy ties in the Walpole Bay in 5th Avenue I love the cream teas on the balcony overlooking the sea and the dance floor is a marvel of Edwardian craftsmanship. I dont get to stay in Hotels in Margate or elsewhere in that matter. I am lucky enough to live in this beautiful place so my visits to Local Hotels is for meeting friends or eating out. Being in a wheelchair does limit my options nowadays. I understand that some of the older buildings are not as well equipped to cater for me as some would hope but being a realist I am restricted to  places with easy access.Along the front opposite the Oval Bandstand is Smiths Court Hotel ..If we go away I tend to end up booking Travel Lodge or Premier Inn I have not used Holiday Inn for many years but their sites do tend to be purpose built so compliant with disabled requirements. In an ideal world we would all be able to get everywhere but the older Victorian and Georgian buildings are not ideal. So back to Thanets Hotels.
This post was never designed nor intended to be a comprehensive list of Margate's hotels the fact that the Fayreness is in Broadstairs puts paid to that, but we have some fantastic places to stay  one that springs to mind is The Reading Rooms 

I pinched that bit off of their website. Google is always my first port of call when seeking information  so if you are intending a stay in Margate or indeed any of the other Marvelous Thanet towns search out the websites rather than sites like Tripadvisor I find they can have some misleading reports entered by people  who wish to cause harm to the places they are supposedly  reporting on. But its the same with all forms of review even people buying a toaster from Argos complain the lead was to short or a radio was to loud. I find in general a bit of common sense makes all the difference

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