Monday, 4 November 2013

Manston Parkway to London in sixty two minutes

Shame its not under an hour but 62 minutes. I just read on the Kent Messenger Website that the proposed Manston Green development will be able to benefit from Manston Parkway  as will the rest of the Island but only if this goes ahead. I am sure the houses will be built but with the decision for the go ahead for a Parkway Station is far from a given. If you listen to the local blogs Thanet is doomed and the Airport is the reason why people do not sleep at night. Westwood Cross is the worst thing since the Middle Ages and the Turner Contemporary causes everything from plagues  of Locusts to warts. But some people in Thanet love Thanet and want it to become a destination of choice. I started this blog because of all the doom and gloom on some of the local blogs saying everything from the lack of sunshine to the taste of Ribena was caused by Thanets inept Council.. I named the blog Promote Thanet as it was the compete opposite to what seemed to be going on at the time. We now have many many bloggers and tweeters Face bookers and all round lovers of this Fair Isle. I am looking forwards to new developments we are experiencing in Thanet Manston Green and the Parkway Station are just two things the dye hard whingers will be moaning about and having read the first comment on the KMOnline Post others think as I do the comment reads

So it would seem others have the same opinion as myself.


  1. Hi Don, It is good to get back to basics and recall the original reasons for starting our blogs. especially when it is so easy to fall into the trap of petty politics and negativity.
    That's why I quit my own for a while. Recalling your own interest in matters photographic you may be amused to take a wander around my relaunched effort at
    Best wishes and keep on keeping on!

  2. I don't think there's any danger of noise complaints. If the airport owners were serious about expanding the airport they would quash the housing application as it would be in the safety zone. My guess is that the airport will close and further housing will then be proposed for the Eastern end.

  3. Couldn't agree more with the sentiments expressed in your post.

    Makes such a refreshing change to find someone who supports progress, and isn't looking for something to whine and protest about in order to stop anyone with the temerity to try to change things for the better in Thanet.

    One only has to watch as the local usual suspects attack the latest organisation wanting to invest in Thanet. Whetherspoons has now become the devil incarnate because they have the afront to want to build a successful establishment in a lovely old Thanets building, as opposed to another unfundable "heritage centre".

    The tide is turning against these whining luddites. The real people of Thanet are sick to death of their negativity, and the lack of progress THEY cause by their endless whining, protesting and objection to anything and everything that's proposed greater than a washing line.

    We even have the spectacle of a political chancer trying to make political capital out of the demolition of a LONG derelict and dangerous building in Ramsgate!

    Lets get Thanet moving forward, and leave these whining nimbys behind!


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