Thursday, 17 October 2013

Margate on Homes Under The Hammer

Yep Margate is ripe for investment. According to the guy on BBC Margate on Homes Under The Hammer property in Margate is a good investment, low prices and good returns. Well I would say Thanet in general is a great area for investing your cash. I would put a link to the programe but BBC iPlayer says it is repeating it on Friday so here is a link to the Website for Homes Under The Hammer
There are many properties on the market in Thanet and people looking to relocate to the seaside or purchase investments the area offers plenty of opportunities. I moved to the area some thirty years ago and wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I love to go and count the ships off Margate and if you are a regular reader will know that I have a theory you can always count at least ten ships off the coast at Margate. I even have people phone me up with their tallies so if you  do move to Margate you will be able to take part in the new sport of Ship Counting.

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  1. Ship counting sounds like fun. I often count how many are on the horizon on the rare occasion I get to the beach. Thanks for stopping by Don. I was thinking of doing the same in the next day or so. Love, Denise xxx


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