Friday, 18 October 2013

Manston Airport sale brings out the comments

I have not been on here for a few days and checking the other blogs it seems the Manston Airport sale has lit up the commentators most as usual anons. It is no secret that I am pro the airport and would love to see it thrive. If the current employee figures being quoted are correct and the airport now has 150 people employed there it is a fantastic turn around from the half dozen of a few years back. And those figures do not include ancillary firms who rely on the airfield being there. Plus people such as taxi drivers caterers printers suppliers of loo rolls or the airport cat's food supplier. I worked years ago around Gatwick and the area suffered virtually zero unemployment. And I do mean suffered because small firms struggled to get Staff as everyone was sucked into either Gatwick or Heathrow. Now I am not daft enough to think Thanet could be that busy, but an old man and I can dream cant I ? What really gets my goat is the moaners, the people who have bought houses near an airport and then whinge when airplanes fly overhead. Yep as ridiculous as that may seem people do it. There was even one blog titled "no planes over Herne bay" no doubt written by another concerned citizen who enjoys moaning for the sake of it.
Well I must have upset a small portion of North Kent residents. How many I don't know but in the past it has been the whingers who have the loudest voices.  Every time anyone proposes change here in Thanet the barmy army gets going. I have lived here thirty years and in that time all ideas for change have met with hostile rejection by a small number of people. The list started in my case with the road to Ramsgate harbour and we now have a redundant very expensive tunnel and no ferry I think the length of time it was bandied about before it came to fruition was to long and dont get me started on the Tesco objectors and now the old casino in Ramsgate. I have not mentioned Thanet Earth or the Turner Contemporary is it little wonder anyone thinking of any form of investment in the area has to have broad shoulders and thick skins. Or maybe they will just look elsewhere because some residents don't want change and have put the closed sign up in Thanet.

Map hi-lighting the Manston Sewage Tanks and the Hospital for Infectious diseases


  1. Don, you are right about Manston attracting a lot of comments, but have you noticed that, whereas supporters like you and I are prepared to use our names, the detractors are not.

    Tim Garbutt has been campaigning against Manston on his own blog for years, but because nobody ever comments there, if they actually even read it, he comments anonymously around the more popular sites.

    Many of the anonymous comments are his, easily recognisable by style and content, and he loves to slip into the collective 'we' as though lots of people share his views.

    Like you, I support the airport believing that, if run efficiently, it could do wonders for the area. On the other hand, I have no crystal ball like the whiners, I do not know what the new owners plans are, but I do wish it every success.

  2. William I am sure the new owners will have an uphill struggle. There is no magic bullet for Manston but we have just come through recession and it is still here. The multiple post anons used to abound on the Tim blogs but sort of died out but we all know the excuse to get the soap box out is hard for the anti brigade to resist.

  3. Don, silent for a while.. but I fully support the expansion of Mannston..which stage coach will do! Ken

  4. Great to see you back Ken I am glad to hear it, more people need to speak up in support because the anti shouters think because they're loud they speak for everyone.


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