Thursday, 26 September 2013

Whitstable Wheelchair Walking

After a wonderful walk at Pegwell nature reserve on Tuesday and bacon sarnies we went West to Whitstable. It is actually North but went West sounds more poetic, we went with our best and oldest friends and had a fantastic day in the sun at Whitstable. We grabbed a parking space right on the harbour edge and I got in the wheelchair and off we toddled. I call it a walk even though I no longer manage to put one leg in front of the other. We went round the harbour and I snapped loads of interesting pictures and will post them in a bit so you can enjoy the sights as much as we did. The harbour is still used a lot with several boats bringing seafood ashore here, the fish market is extremely good at Whitstable  and there are lots of places to eat. Whitstable Oysters are a much prized local delicacy and the Whitstable Oyster company is one of the oldest recorded companies, one for the history buffs to tell me when it was formed. We never had any seafood as our friends are not lover of the creepy seafood delights and would run a mile if offered whelks or cockles. Heather and I love all types of watery delights but she wont try Oysters. We retreated to Tankerton slopes and the Seaview cafe and had wonderful bacon and egg sandwiches made with wholemeal bread cut in doorstep slices. I have told you about these before and I must say they were delicious. I had left the camera in the car so no pictures of my lunch.


Huts that house Seafood sellers etc

Menu yummy

fish Market

little Sparrows moments before I sneezed and scared them away

little sales units for locals to sell there wares

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  1. It sounds a lovely time and I enjoyed all your pictures Don. That bacon sarnie sounded wonderful too. Could just do with one of those, can almost smell them ;) Denise xxx


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