Sunday, 29 September 2013

Fly to Manchester from Manston

I have always been a fan of Manston Airport and think it is one of Thanets Jewels. I regard those who don't like it as Thanets crazy brigade. I was amazed to read on the Thanet Gazette Website  the our very own Plain Jane flew to Manchester via Amsterdam from our own sceptered Isles Manston International Airport. Now that KLM have started services from Manston reaching Manchester is once again a viable proposition and according to Jane  it is easier than catching a train . Readd her story online here Plain Jane: I flew to Manchester via Amsterdam and I'm not sorry

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  1. Don, the main critic of Manston on the grounds of pollution, the aquifer man, regularly flies to Thailand. How's that for hypocrisy and the height of NIMBYism.


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