Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Ruby Tuesday Red

Quick post for Ruby Tuesday I am busy but here it is  :-
Our daughter got these Gladioli for her mum and I have been taking pics of them all week including some arty shots with slow shutter speeds. See other peoples Rubies here at Ruby Tuesday Too Blog give it a try its just a bit of fun on a Tuesday

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  1. Gorgeous red gladioli! I like the 'arty' look! Thanks for visiting. I was in Westbrook year before last visiting family and was very impressed with the addition of the new theatre by the pier. How long have you lived in Margate, I wonder. Your header photo looks familiar - it is a lovely shot of the rocks and the sunlit sea. It is quite wonderful to have someone from Margate commenting on my blog - I am wondering if a Brit would provide a chicken with a feeder! This photo happens to come from a friend of mine living in Switzerland!!! I rarely blog other people's photos, but this one appealed because during the war we kept chickens.....


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