Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Margate house sales

Is it just me or are houses selling in Margate again? I was awoken this morning by a huge removal lorry delivering the furniture to a house over the road and the for sale signs have been changing to sold signs  as fast as traffic lights change colour around here recently. I know the TV news has been about house prices rising but here in Thanet we are at the lower end of the price scale and when you compare Thanet prices to London there is no comparison Margate wins hands down. I see a four bedroom terraced house on Zoopla sold near by for £129.000 recently which sees a lot of house for little money but if you are reading this in London the price must seem like a deposit on a flat in Mayfair. I have not made a Thanet wide study or even a study at all but judging by the amount of builders vans around the house market has been reignited and once people start to move they will be decorating and putting in new kitchens and bathrooms etc. etc. and slowly the economy recovers. I just wish TDC would build a few hundred houses to alleviate the waiting lists for properties and at the same time crack down on some of the disgusting property that is being rented at the moment, they promised a landlords register but I have heard no more about the scheme.


  1. yes margate is selling houses , and prices are going up everyday, look on zoopla, I have lived in thanet margate for 7 years now, and things are at last moving, and there is a lot of interest, especially in dane valley/cliftonville, jyst waiting for prices to go up a little more then I will move to a bungalow, in margate.

  2. we've been seeing a lot of 'sold' signs over top of the 'for sale' signs, sales are picking up-as for nasty advantage taking landlords, are everywhere, I have read they are 'talking' about rules and regulations in a stricter sense here too


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