Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Surprise Surprise Avon calling Junk Mail and Bouncy Castles

I don't know about you but I seem to get lots of circulars and leaflets through my letterbox. There was a period when the children were at home we joked you could tell the time by the leaflets falling on to the door mat. Pizza leaflets Saturdays between 4 and  5 pm. Fried Chicken Friday evenings  after Six but before Seven. Such was the regularity you had no need to save them another would be along soon. Well surprise surprise I was caught out today, I was sitting in the front room and I heard the gate (it has a distinctive squeak to tell me its my gate and not next door) I glanced out and saw a chap I never recognised and seeing as I was awaiting a visitor I shouted Heather to get the door. She was well pleased to be called to rush to get the door only to get there in time for a leaflet to fall onto the mat. I was not the flavour of the month and she shoved the leaflet on the side and went back upstairs still muttering and carried on changing the bed I had called her away from.
    When my visitor had eventually arrived been greeted imparted information declined coffee and left I had my first glimpse of the new leaflet. Now wonder I never knew the delivery guy or recognised the time of its arrival, I had never seen one of these before. It was for Bouncy Castles!!! yep I kid you not Thanets own Bouncy Castle service. I glanced it over and thought I know what I will do I'll blog about that later. I thought it will make a change for my readers, a departure from the usual drivel I go on about. I put the leaflet safely back on its perch safe and sound on top of he radiator, ready to be retrieved on my return from a visit to Sainsbury's. Well one thing lead to another and I eventually got round to getting my creative juices flowing trudled my wheelchair from the dinner table out to the hallway to collect the afore mentioned  Bouncy Castle leaflet. It was missing! Hmmm, me thinks perhaps Heather has put it in the front room. Off I scoot swearing under my breath as I knock yet more skin off another knuckle manoeuvring the wheelchair through the doorway into the front room. I cannot spy the leaflet amongst the days other detritus so shout Heather again. In she comes hands all wet from the washing up I had called her from. Where is the nice bright leaflet the chap left earlier, yes the one I called you down to aswer the door, yes the bouncy castle one. Yes the one you just put in the bin and covered with the remains of tonight’s curry. That will be the one I am talking about. Well if te bouncy castle chap is like the Fried Chicken or Pizza Leaflet deliveries he will be back next week on a Tuesday about 2.30 o’clock in the PM of the day. If he does I will blog the details, some how I don’t think I will be doing it any time soon.

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