Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Red Hot Margate baking at Botany Bay Broadstairs

Yep it is blooming baking hot here. I am not complaining just making an observation! I live in Margate and am lucky to be beside the seaside I cannot begin to imagine how hot it must be stuck inland. I will wait for the cool of the evening before venturing out and getting a few photos of the sunset. I love seeing the round disc of crimson sink below the horizon and the reflections of the colours shimmer across the sea. JMW Turner whom the Turner Contemporary is built to honour once said and I par phrase here the skies and sunsets in Thanet are the best in the world head on over to the Turner Centre website to check I am sure they will have the actual wording there
The many painting Turner did of Margate always had vivid skies  and were the heart of the paintings he did. I love it here in Thanet I am an incomer but have been here over 30 years and wouldn't live anywhere else. We have miles of sandy beaches, not that I can get onto them in my wheelchair, if I get to a beach with the specially adapted sand wheelchairs I do try and get onto the sands. My son-in-law runs the Botany Bay beach Kiosk and whilst it may seem an ideal job being on the beach all day he is the one who is cooking your food and making your teas and coffees. So spare him a thought as he prepares your chips or bacon sandwich he is inside that kiosk almost all day and it must be a kind of torture for him to watch all you guys having fun in the sun while he is confined to base.
Botany Bay is one of Thanets treasures. A beautiful golden sand beach flanked with fantastic chalk cliffs, Safe bathing and lifeguards for added safety.. I have blogged about the marvelous lifeguards before but they are great  and the service is supplied by the RNLI Lifeboat service, people to whom the idea of safety and sea go hand in hand.
The beach can be reached from the slope beside the Fayreness hotel set sat navs for Marine Drive , Kingsgate, Broadstairs , Kent CT10 3LG. A little further round there is another slope at the end of Botany Road sat nav Botany Rd Broadstairs, Kent CT10 3SE . Parking is at a premium so get there early or be square 

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