Monday, 15 July 2013

Discovering shopping again

Well most of you will know I have been feeling below par of late, well I am out and about again. Whilst I am nowhere near what I was I am able to get about in the wheelchair. Yeahh isnt that great? Well I thinks so even if you dont. I have had a couple of trips to the supermarkets and today even braved Westwood Cross, it is nice and level and the shops have lifts and aircon. I even went into Primark it was a revelation! Having been into the one in Margate High Street a few years ago and seen the jumble of stuff rammed in there I was expecting much the same but oh no. The store at WX was tidy and wide isles and new and shiny, I loved the lifts and such a vast array of stock I was gobsmacked. Now I have been a critic of WX in the past but it was pleasant shopping there and it was busy we had to go to till number five  at Primark as the other four were busy and we ad waited in a line to be called. The car park was virtually full but we got a disabled bay right outside Marks and Spencers so no tricky negotiating of the wheelchair, straight up the dropped kerb and away shopping.We looked at the new cars displayed in the front of the sports centre then went into Boots and go a nail file for £1.20 I was amazed that the had them ranging in price up to fifteen pounds, am I showing my age but who is going to spend fifteen quid on  a nail file? I must say this whilst on prices I have not been in a supermarket in years so feel out of touch with prices, but last week I need some shaving foam and when I looked the ranged in price from £1.80 to over £4.00 now I ask you how can anyone warrant spending four quid on a can of shaving foam?
Well we had a great time wandering round the shops we went into and for me it was a novelty, I have not been to WX for over two and a half years, which was about the timme I stopped going out. The sunshine put an extra edge on the trip and now I am out and about  again I dont intend to leave it so long before my next visit. Poor Heather is getting muscles she never knew she had pushing me around but at least it keeps her fit.

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