Monday, 17 June 2013

Tesco and Arlington House

There has been a lot of commotion on the local blogs Facebook and Twitter about Tesco getting the planning consent for a store at the bottom of Arlington House. I am all for it and think it is the best thing for the eyesore that currently is there. I can understand people not wanting it, to me it is a bit like waiting for root canal work on your teeth you know it will hurt but the end result will be OK. I have lived in Thanet for over thirty years and in all of that time the shop units there have never thrived. The location is not ideal for retail on that scale but Tesco is a tried and trusted retailer and people will come to them. I know this to some may sound two faced after promoting my local Nisalocal in the previous post but I do strongly believe we use both, maybe we rely a little to much on multi national's but thats life. The reason I am posting this is to put a but of perspective into this, I dont see Arlington's shops getting any better. The site is an eyesore and really not a credit to Margate and its residents. At least with Tesco going there it will be tidied up and look the part. Margate deserves better than what is there and I am looking forward to it opening.


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