Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Shop Local in Margate Broadstairs Ramsgate and Birchington

My wife is the chief cook and bottle washer in our house, my days of cooking etc. are long gone. I was banished from the kitchen when I became to big a liability and was endangering my life all for the sake of my pride. Well  I no longer cook or do much in the way of helping around the house but being disabled as I am gives me other talents and one of those is the ability to tell my wife how to keep house. Ouch I am rubbing my ear after she has just administered a resounding whack. No seriously there is a point to this post and if you are still reading I will get to it now.We received a leaflet from our local shop advertising all of their special offers, it dropped through the letter box and ended up on the table as I ate my breakfast and I got to thinking how hard small independent stores must be finding it. Everyone is trying to save a few pennies and .my wife was immediately miffed the Kit Kats she had bought in Tesco  could have been purchased closer to home for fifty pence a pack cheaper plus the hula hoops I have with my lunch were less. Well I know you cant win them all but if you add the cost of diesel into a trip to Tesco we could have saved even  more. So shopping local is not only convenient it can work out cheaper.. Those of you who live in Margate will know the shop I am talking about it is the Nisalocal in Upper Dane Road numbers 70 to 72 opposite the bakers and Rowlands the chemists. Upper Dane Road is also home to The Launderette a very very good fish and chip shop and a marvelous News Agents who are open until Near 11.00 oclock and he opens about six in the morning. Plus there is also a couple of Chinese Take Away's so you can tell I have all bases covered locally I will post some photos of these marvelous shops when I manage to get out again.
 So the moral to this post is Tesco and the like may be convenient but what you save in one hand they take away in the other. Find NisaLocal on Facebook and now I will Tweet about our one on Twitter

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  1. Good post Don, you are lucky to have some lovely shops close to you. I miss the family run places.

    Denise xxx


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