Thursday, 27 June 2013

Pegwell Nature Reserve and Sandwich

a bench having a rest
I am back in circulation again after a few days in hospital  getting over the remnants of my infection. Well to celebrate we  went to the Pegwell Bay nature Reserve and tried the new chaps bacon sandwiches. I must say they are jolly good, fresh sliced bread that had a crisp but not sharp crust and the bacon did hit the spot. I also had a coffee. We ate in the car and as usual I ended up covered in crumbs but unusually I never spilt the coffee or stained my shirt much to the amazement of my wife. We then went through to Sandwich and parked on the Quay and walked along the start of the Saxon Shore walk. I must say the cobbled parking area closest to the park is not at all wheelchair friendly and I was fair bounced around until we got to the smooth surfaced  paths. I took loads of photos of the tree's and the river and one of an advert for  Chilli Farm Country Fair and VW Festival 26th to 28th July
We had intended getting an ice cream after our walk but when we got back to the car we decide to go straight home as I was starting to flag. When we go home I had a ice lolly from the shop along the road so I didn't miss out. I had intended to use my old Yashica TLR film camera but ended up  with just taking digital piccies with my trusty Canon. I love the textures on the trees I hope you do to.
I think that lump is called a burl

beautiful tree canopy

this bark needs some mosturiser

dandilion clock

eeny meeney miney mo

low tide in the river


  1. Hi Don glad to read that you are feeling a bit better. Glad you enjoyed your walk in Sandwich, I work there and it is a lovely little town. I can imagine that the cobbles on the Quay would be very uncomfortable for a wheel chair user! Take care :)

  2. Hi Poppy they were very uncomfortable but it was great. I love Sandwich and I love the nature reserve at Pegwell bay. You are lucky to work in such a great place.XXX, Don


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