Friday, 7 June 2013

Broadstairs on TV's homes under the hammer

I have just got home from hospital and no sooner am I in the door and put the telly on Broadstairs is beaming out of the screen at me. House sales may be a little slower at the moment but with the advent of 5%  mortgage deposits and the Governments new scheme I can see the market gaining a little traction. I thought on my journey home there is a fair bit of building works being undertaken and anyone who is consider any building jobs now would be be the end of cheap builders being around. I spent many years in the building trade and in times of plenty of work many local tradesmen worked out of Thanet. I myself was ofter driving to London at 4.30 am but when the work dried up I was in the same local pool as all of those like myself scratching  for jobs locally. Many of my friends still in the trade are working for less than the were for five years ago. So with the new green shoots my advice to anyone would be if you are considering undertaking building jobs now is the time to get them done.

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