Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sunshine and Sand Castles at Botany Bay Broadstairs

I had a visit from Ross yesterday, he had been busy erecting the family beach hut. Our Grandsons love the beach as their parents have done. When I was younger and  fit and able we would spend every evening on the beach. I would finish work (I was a roofer) get onto the beach and have a swim to cool down and clean up and then we would have a BBQ or salad and were often joined by other family members and we all have happy memories of Sunshine and Sand Castles. Well Ross as you know owns the Botany Bay Beach Kiosk which is below the Cliffs in front of the Fayreness Hotel. I asked him how the weather was affecting his season and he tells me the hardy souls who have braved the Botany Bay sands the last couple of weekends have been lucky and the sheltered nature of the cliffs means they have been able to enjoy the sun out of the wind. He will only open weekends at the moment (weather permitting) so if it is sunny head down and see him and enjoy one of his legendary bacon sarnies and a cuppa. He tells me he is giving away free smiles to all customers.


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  1. Oh how I wish I could. I couldn't imagine a more fitting reward after a bracing walk along the front, to stop and get one of those delicious bacon sarnies. And how lucky that the beach is sheltered too. Lovely memories here Don. Very nice to read :) Denise xxx


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