Friday, 19 April 2013

Multiple Sclerosis

Many of you will know I suffer from MS. it is a disease if the nervous system, there are different types of MS. I have what is know as Primary Progressive MS or PPMS for short. What that means is unlike other types of MS which attack and them go into a respite period my strain is a continual downward spiral. but hey ho lets not get all depressed about it  I have had it for over twenty years so mine has been a slow decline others are not so fortunate. The reason I am writing this is by way of an apology for the lack of recent posts. I am having a bad time with my MS. at the moment and not able to get out of bed let alone the house so with little in the way of stuff to post I have not been blogging. I hope things will improve but MS. is a nasty beast and for the time being all I can do is say sorry.

find out more about MS at the MS SOCIETY website click chere

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  1. No need to say sorry, just keep your chin up and blog when you can. One thing about blogging, you spend lots of time wandering around other peoples blogs, there are some really amazing ones :) Take care.


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