Monday, 1 April 2013

In bed again

I am writing this from the comfort of my bed, I have been under the weather and this is my fourth day in bed. I was invaded yesterday with grandsons hunting down hidden eggs and pressies, so today its just me and Heather, a bit like after the Lord Mayors show. I have just spent a pleasant few minutes trying to learn about Snakes Head Fritillary only to discover I should have planted last September for them to be in flower for this spring. I expect it is the confines of bed that are making me think about flowers and with the sunshine flooding trough the bedroom window perhaps spring has finally arrived. The weather is still raw though and I spoke to Ross and he says this has been the worst Easter he has had. If it gets a bit warmer go and see if he has opened and tell him I sent you, that should be sufficient to get you some verbal abuse. You can find him at the Botany Bay beach Kiosk but be prepared to find him shut as he is weather dependent if it is too cold no one goes to the beach so he goes home.

I doubt I will see any little people today they will all be busy eating Easter Eggs and staying warm indoors. I may try and take a photo of one of my Eggs, yes grandad got Easter Eggs to. I was on a photography forum yesterday and they suggested sending in pictures of red items around the house as it is a tad to get outside and take many photo's. Well looking round my bedroom the only red thing I  could see was my Kit - Kat Easter Egg. So other than taking a picture of the egg not a lot doing here other than the calorie counter. That fell completely off the rails yesterday I failed to list many so I am  going to wipe yesterday off the board and start afresh today. Just going to see if I can buy the Snakes Head Fritillary in a pot already in bloom. I expect it will be expensive I just found twenty five bulbs for £8:99 or fifty for £9:98, I wonder can I buy the ones from 26 to fifty for a pound and he keep the others.

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