Saturday, 6 April 2013

Grand National

I have just turned the TV on to watch the Grand National. I first bet on it over forty years ago with my aunt. All of my family had been racing enthusiasts something I never kept up, I have photo's of me at race meetings as a child but  it was something I never go interested in. Nowadays I watch the horses on tellie and I pick one to follow but it never wins so just as well I never back anything.


  1. I know it's "tradition" and all that, but don't you find it all very cruel?

  2. Don, I think the only winner at Aintree today were the bookie's! With a 66-1 winner, not many happy punters, maybe a few had it each way.

    My horse came 2

  3. Shinguard well done you, I never had a bet and its just as ell I saved my money, I am rubbish at picking a winner.

  4. So you don't find horses needlessly dying for your personal enjoyment cruel...

    Shame a few punters didn't die too.


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