Monday, 1 April 2013

Given up on Snakes Head Fritillary's

I got board after trying to find one already in flower in a pot and my surfing ended  up with me discovering Ralph Waldo Emerson. I got there via a Spike Milligan poem so you can see how my mind jumps around. I have found a page of quotes by Emerson and have spent a short while smiling at his wit. I am not going to post a link if you want to be amused as I have been do a google search and be amazed, I know I was.


  1. How funny you should mention Spike Milligan. I was reading one of his poems yesterday and found it very touching and saved it. It read,

    A young spring tender girl
    combed her joyous hair.
    You are very ugly said the mirror
    on her lips hung
    a smile of dove-secret lovleness,
    for only that morning had not
    the blind boy said
    "You are beautiful'?

    There's a good message in that poem. Spike Milligan wrote some lovely ones and funny ones. I think I will do a google search and find more.

    Wishing you a great day Don, I hope you and your family had a lovely Easter xxx Denise

  2. I have read a couple of his books the one I can remember is hitler my part in his downfall. I used to laugh at the goon show and a mate and me used to do some very bad take off of the goons, the last time I spoke to my mates brother expecting it him I held a conversation where I was Clapham Junction train station it went on for several minutes before I realised I had got the wrong brother, it was his fault he shouldn't impersonate his brother wen I call. You wouldn't think I am nearly sixty years old would you?


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