Saturday, 30 March 2013

Wife hoovers laptop so keys will work

I know it sounds drastic but I have had some trouble with keys sticking so when the wife was hoovering the carpet I got her to have a go at the keyboard.Result no more sticky keys so I would recommend it but dont go at it like a bull in a china shop those keys are delicate and you dont want the being sucked int the hoover tube. Yes I said tube don't run the hoover over the keyboard, if you don't have a hover with a tube don't do it.


  1. Don, a pair of tights over the mouth of the tube can prevent any loose keys from disappearing into the vortex.

  2. But Ken I don't wear tights. No Thats a good idea I will explain my needs to the hoover controller. My son tells me that you can buy cans of compressed air for the job but as I said to him the hoover was free.


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