Monday, 4 March 2013

Trip To Dentist

I am one of the lucky ones I am signed up with a dentist. I sat in the waiting room with mild trepidation, I am not keen on dentists but I dislike toothache so it is carrot and stick for me. I go out of sense of duty to my parents they always made me go and I have to do as I am told, even though they passed away 40 odd years ago. As I said I am lucky while I sat in the waiting room three people were  turned away unable to sign up with the practice as they have full books. I am sitting here having a cuppa  and the news is on about deterring health tourists from Bulgaria and Romania  when the regulations change. My advice to anyone thinking of coming over for treatment is stay at home we cant treat our own without  any extras coming here to put extra strain on our NHS.

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  1. Good for you on seeing the dentist regularly! Enjoyed the cartoon. Denise xxx


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