Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Snow stops play for some

All morning we had an eye on the weather the snow swirled about but didn't amount to much, just a lite dusting. We had to get to Canterbury Hospital for a three o'clock appointment and made it in plenty of time. We had passed one or two cars with a heavy covering of snow on them so we knew some one was getting more than a dusting, Sure enough when speaking with a nurse at the hospital she told me her husband had called her from Ashford which is only twenty miles away and he was in blizzard conditions and wondered if he would make it home and planned to spend the night at work.
Well after all of our worrying we made the journey both too and from Canterbury unscathed but when I saw the news tonight hundreds of drivers were caught out and spent hours and hours stuck in snow just miles from where we had been. Just goes to show our little corner of this sceptered Isle has its own Micro Climate. I have spent the day recovering from our little jaunt out and am thankful not to have endured the blizzard conditions encountered by many. I just hope tomorrow is clear as we have to go back and do it all again. 

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