Friday, 1 March 2013

hair cuts crabs and Jail plus homeless people

I cant seem to get over this spell of feeling crap, I have spent days  in bed fast asleep and today I still feel rubbish. I am all shaky so apologise if this post is a bit vague but it is how I feel. This last month has been awful and I can only hope this month improves. I have been trying to do some photographs of my old film cameras this morning and failed miserably. Enough of how I am feeling, back to blogging.
I will be heading out for a haircut in the next few days. I use Grades hairdressers in Harold Road in Cliftonville. No steps to negotiate and I can stay in my wheelchair. It is at the Northdown Road end of Harold Road near to Whites of Kent and
Deli-o-licious the fantastic deli and fish shop I had one of their rolls yesterday, and may get a crab for the weekend,
Margate and Cliftonville continue to have problems with shops being empty but so do every other town in the UK. We  need some new thinking on empty shops Landlords are to my mind the real problem, in many cases they will not reduce rents because it will affect  the values of their portfolios and in turn the share values. Rents are to high as are business rates. The rents of shops are not the only rents that are to high. House and flat rents are far too high. The fact that DHSS aim to cut payments will make a difference but I am not sure the way they are going about it is going to help reduce rents. Still what do I know about it? I am only a voter and not a career politician who has never been exposed to real life or had a real job but I am sure Westminster bubble and being able to spend a hundred pounds on expenses without a receipt makes them fully qualified to make decisions that will effect millions.
Still making thousands of people homeless rather than building more social housing must be the way to go. After all if you build houses that would employ people and that wont do will it. A builder would work a forty hour week and the governments policy seems to only create jobs that are part time hmmm maybe we could build some parts of houses and them get someone to join the parts into whole houses maybe that is a possibility. Part time jobs seem to be the saviour to the coalition the fact it enables people to qualify for all sorts of tax credits which are benefits in disguise seems to evade the government.
I know this has nowt to do with Thanet but the Lib Dems have retained their seat in Havant so Nick Clegg is safe in his position as leader but I doubt that  the burk who is in charge of the Conservatives feels as flush. Clegg must feel he hass won a general election rather than a by-election. Ukip came second which aint so bad for fruit cakes and loonies, but I do feel it was a protest vote so maybe they are fruit cakes and loonies after all.
I am writing this on the day Sandy has been sentenced to a few months at her Majesties Pleasure. I try not to comment on our councillors but I will say that we voted him and the rest of them in so ultimately we are all at fault, assuming that we all voted. Now that opens a whole new can of worms. I heard the By-election had a 68% turn out if that were true things have improved greatly. I must say if you do not vote you have no right to moan if you want things to change your only voice is whom ever YOU vote for. That’s enough from me I am back in bed writing the last of this post , Have a good weekend the Quad bikes are back in Thanet this weekend I doubt there is anything online about it if previous years are anything to go by,


  1. Sorry to hear about your crap month. Mine wasn't much better but at least we have some sunshine to look forward to and hopefully the NE winds will soon abate. I too use Grades ... love the vintage chairs! I went to the same London school as the guy there, albeit some 30/40 years earlier. Agree with all you say about politicians. Whatever happened to honesty,integrity and wisdom?
    Stay as positive as you can Don and know that your words are read with interest even if I don't always comment. Best wishes. Col

  2. Also sorry to hear you have had a bad month Don, this cold weather doesn't help, I remember back in 2000 the warmist weather experts told us that snow would be a thing of the past in southern UK and winters will soon be as mild as they are in Malaga!

    Always a warm welcome in Grades though!


  3. Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad! If its any consolation, everyone I know is saying they feel pretty much the same. This continual dull, dreary damp weather is getting us all down. Sun is on its way and hopefully that will left our spirits. Keep your chin up.

  4. Sorry to hear that your not at your best,but have to say that even so you have produced a fine blog posting.


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