Saturday, 16 March 2013

Good Gadds young man

In keeping with the ethos of the Promote Thanet Blog I am prompting a fantastic brewer from here on our sceptered Isle. I drink a couple of bottles of Gadds ale a week so I am hardly their best customer but I would like to recommend the wonderful Ales they brew to my readers. I am sitting here supping a bottle of Dogbolter and last night I had a bottle of Gadds No3. I know two bottles of beer a week hardly makes me an alcoholic but Promote Thanet Blogspot would like to say please drink responsibly and never drink and drive. I originate from Faversham and as a lad the town was home to both Shepherd Neame and a Whitbread brewery. I still have mates who work in the Shepherd Neame brewery and am proud to come from the town that att one ttime had 52 pubs one for every week of the year. Gadds have a long future in front of them if they are to brew as long as Shepherd Neame who have been in business since 1698 and are Britain's Oldest Brewer.

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