Friday, 29 March 2013

Food diary day one diet

I have started a food diary no lying just the facts it is now 15:41 and I am up to  448 calories and I have not managed to make it out of bed today I tried to get up but failed, my wife had to lift me back into bed. I am getting worse on the movement front I am having more and more time in bed. If you are new to this blog I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis and it is a whole heap of fun. So today after watching Secret Eaters on channel four I am making a determined effort to loose a few pounds. I have signed up on MYFITNESSPAL.COM so all I can say is watch this space.
If you or someone you know suffers from Multiple Sclerosis click on the link and head over to the MS Society the website is full of tips and useful stuff plus they have all sorts of online forums for people with different types of MS plus carers and even a GLAMS section. I have had MS for over twenty years so just getting used to it.

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