Friday, 29 March 2013

Dons Diet tips

I watched a TV programe about secret eaters one night this week. The poor chap couldn't stop eating and his wife was a compulsive snacker. He was averaging double the recommended intake for a man and wondered why he was so big. He weighed in at around 20 stone and his wife not far behind him. I must say if you eat twice the daily intake you will weigh twice as much as you need to, he looked like an advert for Jacamo 5xxl clothes and was complaining he didn't eat much ie he only has a belly buster breakfast,  surely the name gives it away. For a snack he would have a pie buttie as he called it a steak and kidney pie inside a bap roll. The catalogue of culinary delights carried on and on one of hisz creations was the equivalent of eating two thirds of a block of lard. I know some people have medical reasons for their weight but as a nation we eat to much processed food. So my diet tip is this if you look in the mirror and are unable to do the buttons up on your 5xxl shirt change your life style. Notice the picture from Jacamo uses a model with a thirty six inch chest not a sixty six inch one.

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