Saturday, 30 March 2013

DIET Day two of calorie counter

Well that was a bad start to the day, I got out of bed only to find I was unable to get back in. So after much struggling my Heather got me back in and I aim to stay put, I suspect  I have the onset of a urine infection, it goes with the territory when you have a catheter and MS after all they are an ideal combination. So as I lay here watching Saturday Kitchen and now Nigel Slater cook up fantastic concoctions  I am back counting calories.
I will update this through the day but I doubt I am going to loose any weight because I am unable to burn of any of these calories that I consume, but I am not worried about me loosing weight I am concerned for those like Jay Cole who at 22 stone wonders why she can not get a job and tells the world on TV she wont change her ways or size. She was later caught shoplifting cake in her local supermarket. It is well worth clicking on the link to read the article, it made me smile.Arrested: Jay Cole has been given a caution for stealing food from a supermarket after appearing on TV to complain she was too fat to find work

  •  My Calorie counter
  • Crunchy nut cornflakes   390
  •  chicken wrap                  240 c
  • tea                                     25 c
  • Grapes 1/2 cup                 15 c
  • crisps 1/2 pkt                    55 c
  • cup of tea                          25
  • cup of coffee                     25
  • Chicken casserole           360
  • Orange squash                  14
  • coffee                                25
          TOTAL                          1169

I have hardly moved all day and just been for a shower but I have an infection so am hardly able to move and even getting from bed to bathroom was a wheelchair job. I am back in bed now totally exhausted. More sleep I spose this is my life so I got to get on with it.

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