Sunday, 17 February 2013

Free downloads

The old adage's of no such thing as a free meal or get nowt for nowt rang loud in my ears this morning. I had on Friday foolishly  downloaded a 'free' photo editor, I was careful not to allow  it to instal a new toolbar and clicked and ticked removing the ads etc and was really pleased with the 'new toy'. Can you imagine  my amusement this morning when I turned on my laptop and when I checked my blog only to discover it plastered in adverts and pop ups. I was even more amused to discover how deeply embedded they were and how much of my 'free' time was taken up removing them. I am reasonably web savvy not an expert by any means and it was a real pain to have to do it. Now there are those of you who will think that's what you get for using free programs but I did customise the instal and these ads were not there yesterday so it gets me to thinking about the minds of the guy who writes a program that can let you do a custom install and then a couple of days later out of the blue BANG here is all that crap you did not want anyway. I have now removed all traces of the FREE editor and am left wondering how many people that are out there who are not aware they can get rid of this unwanted crap and who's computer experience is blighted by the work of morons.


  1. Don,

    What always amazes me with these "spammers" is that they think they may sell you something.

    If I get any "unwanted gifts" with a download, it is the last thing I would ever contemplate purchasing, therefore the advert has had a negative effect. Not what I would call good marketing.

  2. It shows how easy it can be for those of us who are "fairly net savvy without being experts" can still get caught out - of course you were savvy enough to get rid of the rubbish but so many just aren't.

  3. I know what you mean Gerald I know a few who can only surf and e-mail so would suffer had they downloaded something.

  4. Don I haven’t had any trouble like that with the free image editing program Gimp which I use occasionally.


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