Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Buy your beef from a Butcher

Following on from my blog post about A.J.Barkaway Butchersin Faversham. And the so called progress in the food industry that has the nation reeling with more and more bad news about horse meat in so called fast food. I have been on Twitter reading some of the comments. This scandal is not going away anytime soon and maybe it needed something like this to remind us food should be nice and wholesome, something to be savoured and enjoyed. But we have developed  a generation who want to eat on the go, a burger in one hand and a can of coke in the other. How did this come about?
   Now as I have said previously I am an ex butcher and I had my own shop for a while. I used to make my own beef burgers they were just minced beef with a bit of seasoning. Two different types one Minced beef with the seasoning and another with onion added. At the time I think a quarter pound burger was about 25 pence.
Now I knew that you could buy cheaper burgers but mine were not my main trade they were a small part of my business. A fellow butcher that I knew sold burgers to the catering trade and he made thousands of beef burgers, but slowly he lost ground to the ‘cheaper’ mass produced burgers. When he discovered how they make these cheap burgers MRM which stand for mechanically recovered meat. What it was to get the last gram of flesh and gristle from a bone the food industry developed high pressure water jets to blast away the last traces that a human could not get. This produced a slurry or Pink Slime which could go back into the food chain as cheap burgers, lasagne etc ie Ready meals. He my mate gave up admitted defeat to the pink slime. A slime which was eventually banned when linked to Mad Cow disease in humans
The cheap food manufactures needed to find an alternative to keep prices down and because MRM  the bringer of human mad cow was no longer available the EU yep those faceless bringers of joy said we could (not me the food industry) could useThis is much like the previously banned MRM (THE PINK SLIME) It is all the nasty bits created when taking the good bits off the bones bashed and battered about and eventually made to look like meat. I have worked as a slaughterman but even I feel queasy about this next bit. This  De-sinewed meat (DSM) Which not forgetting is not real meat it is made up of the bad bits even a real good butcher cannot get off of bones nor would he want to. I imagine what some wag has thought is well if we chuck in some horse meat scraps s well it will bring the quality up and remain cheap. So we end up with squashed DSM horse meat instead of squashed DSM ‘BEEF’. Now I imagine it was not the prime cuts of horse meat these wags were putting in the DSM Machine it would have been the stuff the couldn’t sell to the purveyor  of high class  horse meat.
Now I am not sure if what I have written is how this has come about but I for one
think we need to get back to real food. Last night I had beef stew it was cooked on Saturday and had served two of us both Saturdays and Mondays dinner. Plus a portion left over was frozen, a home made ready meal. Lets stop eating this MRM and DSM it aint real meat it is rubbish dressed up to be good for you. IT IS NOT !
Rant over
read more about MRM and DSM HERE

Brisket - boned and rolled

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