Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Trip to Ramsgate

With the wind in our hair and the sun beaming down on us we headed out on an adventure, we headed towards Ramsgate. Those of you who follow our local blogs will know of Michael’s blog Thaneonline. Michael is one of Thanets many bloggers and he also runs a fantastic bookshop in the heart of Ramsgate. Michael recently did a sketch of me from a picture on this blog of me eating one of Deli o licious’s huge baguettes. I had to have the original to stop it falling into enemy hands so we headed out to visit  the afore mentioned and secure the sketch. Michael had offered to post it over to me, he does a terrific mail orderservice on his huge stock of books and being an independent book seller he is less expensive than the likes of Amazon plus he publishes a lot of local history books which are sought after by Genealogy buffs searching family trees. Well we headed off over to Ramsgate to actually meet up after years of only virtual acquaintance. It was great actually meeting Michael and the bookshop is the kind of place where were I not in my wheelchair I would have once browsed for hours. We discussed the fate of  town centres and internet shopping and I got a couple of very bad piccies of Michael signing my sketch, you never know he may become the next Tracy Emin and display at the Turner Contemporary you know all the books I slept with or my life in local history. You never know with shop keepers after all look how famous Mr Benn became with is own TV series and all of those children’s books.
Still I digress Michael is happy in his bookshop but if international stardom becons I am sure he will publish a book about it. While there we discussed Ramsgates harbour and the Belgian Bar and how things have changed in Thanet in our lifetime. 


  1. Don, delighted that Michael took me up on the idea of drawing your monumental baguette and that it became a portrait of you. Good for him for joining the bit of fun. Hope you find a suitable frame for your original. anon from a couple of days ago.

  2. Don nice to see you in the flesh as it were, albeit while I was at work, we must arrange some sort of dubious leisure trip together, possibly involving an enormous roll.

    I hope you managed put the sketch somewhere inconspicuous, they say the pen is mightier than the sword, but I often feel the power of the 2B pencil is underrated.

    I think you will find if that if you do a Google search for “Turner Contemporary Art Gallery” and click on the image tab, my work is already fairly prominent with the gallery.

  3. Thanks Anon I must say I have spent most of my time in bed since my visit so not on display yet.

    Michael it was great to finally meet up lets hope we can do it again sometime this year. i did do a whole lot of other stuff in this comment but lost it whilst trying to preview. I was trying to link to you on google as you mentioned.

    off to sleep now nite everyone

  4. I am concerned at the exhibitionist tendencies of my fellow local bloggers since the turn of the year.
    I think you started it Don, with your massive roll which Michael reproduced and shared in his own inimitable style ... while Peter C spread his legs around a bike [In this weather Peter?!] Dr.Moore's metal wings were spread at 2000 ft. Just to reassure those of nervous disposition and sensitive nature I offer no pictures of food, I aim to spread nothing but amusement and I am keeping my clothes firmly secured!

  5. Hi Col with the temperature set to fall I woulnt advise following Peters exploits. Food is the way forward for local bloging when the weather picks up we must meet up for that coffee but please do bring your camera I am quiet enjoying being an exhibitionist but whatever the temperature I assure you I will remain fully covered


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