Saturday, 12 January 2013

Modern Art this was painted 100 years ago

 I have just spent the evening browsing Modern Art websites and Impressionists sites I discovered Leopold Saurvage and love this Painting. The work shown below is by one of this contemporaries Amedo Modigliani who also sculpted and drew as well as painted. The Paris art scene at the turn of the last century was alive with names that went on to be world famous and both Saurvage and Modigliani  would have known Picasso and many other artists working in Paris at the time.

Writing in the Paris of 1914, Leopold Survage proclaimed:
“Painting, having liberated itself from the conventional forms of objects in the exterior world, has conquered the terrain of abstract forms. It must get rid of its last and principle shackle –immobility– so as to become as supple and rich a means of expressing our emotions as music is. Everything that is accessible to us has its duration in time, which finds its strongest manifestation in rhythm, action, and movement, real, arranged, and unarranged.

I will animate my painting. I will give it movement. I will introduce rhythm into the concrete action of my abstract painting, born of my interior life; my instrument will be the cinematographic film, this true symbol of accumulated movement. It will execute the ‘scores’ of my visions, corresponding to my state of mind in its successive phases. I am creating a new visual art in time, that of colored rhythm and rhythmic color.”3

So David Hockneys use of camera's to create  moving art is nothing new. As the saying goes :-
 There is Nothing new under the sun
so when we think of Modern Art how Modern does it have to be ?

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