Monday, 31 December 2012

Thanet Council New Years resolution

 I opened my e-mails this morning and got the usual round robins wishing me a Happy New Year from the different sources that I have signed up to. One of them was from Roger Gale, it had all the usual stuff about what had gone on in the year and at the very end it read:

Time for all with an interest in the future of the Island to set aside petty differences, to put an end to the tail wagging of the dog and to

Now don't get me wrong I love an optimist as much as anyone, but if he is directing the sentiment of his message towards Thanets Councillors even I can see it ain't going to work. TDC is not unlike a  pariah state
and seems to have no desire  for the situation of Thanet to change at least not for the better of its inhabitants. I know there is much good done on the Island but may of the councillors seem to be set so deep within party lines they are unable to do good for Thanet as it will be seen as weakness. We need a council that puts Thanet first and party politics second We need councillors who can work together and if any of you read this post please please please make your New Year Resolution to start working together for the good of Thanet and as Roger said pull together.

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  1. Perhaps Sir Roger would consider the situation more closely. The Labour controlled Council is run by one female member who bullies her Councillors and the officers of the Council alike until she gets her own way. The Conservatives however are equally frightened of her because she makes it her business to find out what some of them have been up to behind the scenes. Until Sir Roger organises his constituency office to put forward conservative Councillors who we can trust and support and believe in, the Lady will rule the roost with her none too bright slaves.


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