Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Pegwell Bay Hovercraft Museum

I was asked a question by Yogi Bear on another of my posts how do I feel about  potential development at Pegwell of Hovercraft Museum on the old Hoverport site I must say I have heard nothing about it, so have no feelings about it. I did a google search and all I came up with is the Maritime Museum at Ramsgate has a display of hovercraft. So if anyone knows anything leave a comment . IMAGE FROM foter.com I used this image because it took me ages to obtain a postcard of a hovercaft on Margate beach.

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  1. Museum is likely to move, as the current site is in line for major redevelopment. Thanet Council apparently already offered hoverport site to Hovercraft Museum Trust, but nothing is confirmed.

    check the links:




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