Sunday, 9 December 2012

Lillys By the Sea

I was going through Twitter this morning and found a tweet about Lillys By the Sea.Photos of Lilly's By The Sea, Margate
This photo of Lilly's By The Sea is courtesy of TripAdvisor I dont get to the High Street anymore and I explore Margate more via Twitter and Facebook than I should, but the place sounded great from the tweet so I did a google search and hey I wanna go there. I cant find a website for them but trip Advisor have several piccies if I do turn up a site I will link to it.  Found the site or rather John did.
Lillys Bistro Margate

Link to the website
Lilly's Bistro 92 High Street Margate  CT9 1JW  01843 230440


  1. It looks a really nice place and I am sure they would appreciate you advertising it here. Happy Sunday to you Don. Denise xxx

  2. tHANKS dENISE oops I hope to get there when I manage to get to the town, I just am not out at the moment so I am having to explore Thanet via twitter and Facebook plus the blogs. Still if I ever do feel better I am going to hit the town and paint it red.

  3. Here#s thier website

  4. Cheers John, They cant have SEO because even with the website in googlle it took me to a restraunt in Bath. No wonder I couldnt find their site, I think they dont want to be found.


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