Sunday, 16 December 2012

Comment Moderation now deployed

Sorry folks but after four years I am having to put comment moderation on to my blogs. Last night I recieved 340 spam posts, a number that has been growing day on day in recent months.  So sorry to all of my readers who genuinly want to post a reply but the work of the few has ruined things for many.
dѧvid / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA


  1. maybe it was your post about Qatar that drew them out of the woodwork - for me I've found putting posts older than a few days on moderation has worked but these things come in waves.

  2. Hi Gerald I tried that first and it worked for a while but the last few days 300 odd spam post made me do it accross the board.

  3. I totally understand Don. I have had to do the same thing, as lately the spam has been intolerable. Have a great - spam-free - day :) Denise xxx

    p.s. love the spam photo.


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