Friday, 16 November 2012

the Farce that is first police and crime commissioners

Voting for the first police and crime commissioner have been so low that it is farcical looking on the BBC website they say returns at one polling station as low as 4%. That is ridiculous I am in the non voting camp, I along with the vast majority have decided we don't need nor want a PCC tinkering with the police services.The elections are said to have cost £100 million  and the positions have a wage of £85:000 and by the time you get each one an office plus staff and a car etc I can see each of the commissioners the best part  of half a million quid EACH. If anyone has seen one of Kents candidates they are very lucky they have been rarer than a rocking horse poo. If they cant be bothered to tell us their ideas I along with the majority of the population ie.96% in some cases cant be bothered to vote.The whole escapade have been a waste of money and if we had not gone down this route it is estimated we could have funded an extra three thousand police officers. That to mme makes more sese

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