Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Rogue Landlords in Thanet dealt blow

Thanet council wins battle to licence landlords. Now, following the High Court ruling, Thanet District Council will go ahead and introduce selective licensing in two of its wards, Margate Central and Cliftonville West. I doubt this will be greeted by those Landlords who rent out unsafe and illegal properties. The Law is sensible in allowing the licences as some properties currently are in a deplorable state and need bring up to a decent standard. This is the first in a process to bring up the standards in those wards where houses of multiple occupation HMO widespread. I know some of the conversions over the years have been appalling and this will allow for accommodation that is often being paid for out of the public purse to be at least to a good standard.
 Hopefully TDC will have the teeth to back up the promised bite because some of the flats rented out to people inn Thanet is disgustting and TDC dont enforce their powers now we need to ensure that they do as promised  and that we get the standards up in HMO's in Thanet as it stands at the moment it is needed. I note that a spokesman for Southern Landlords Association said “The decision to take Thanet District Council to court had not been brought lightly. The SLA still considers that the council has not acted in the interests of the majority of law-abiding landlords or the residents of the Margate and Cliftonville area.In challenging the decision to introduce selective licensing, the SLA acted in the best interests of its members in the area who are affected by it.”
My answer to SLA's spokesman is law-abiding landlords or the residents of the Margate and Cliftonville area have nothing to worry about it is the Rogues this judgment is trying to sort out and any costs te Law-Abiding sector encounter will be able to write off against tax something I doubt the rogues will be worrying about, and that SLA have done themmselves and their mmembers a disscredit by challanging the new licence system. Well done TDC in its introduction NOW MAKE SURE YOU DONT LET THOSE WHO ARE AFFECTED BY THIS DOWN


  1. Sorry Don,I have my doubts about this, as I understand it, Landlords are now taxed by the council, irrespective the quality of accommodation, and it isn't cheap so who pays.

    Those who can least afford to, the tennents.

  2. Have you seen some of the flats as I understnd it they have to be up to standard to get the licence. Land lords who care will see it as a taxable deducttion not a reason to increase rents. Some of the bad Land Lords will sell up and buy elsewhere

  3. Don, a strange idea that costs can be 'written off' against tax. What you mean is offset which, for most small landlords, means they still have to find 80% of the licence fee.

    I was in property management back in the days when rent controls had totally decimated the private sector and would be tenants faced years waiting for social housing. That or pay through the nose for furnished lets, the only type exempted from the controls.

    Do you really want to go back to those days for it will happen if small landlords are forced out of the market place by over regulation. There are other ways of controlling quality without blanket targetting of everyone.

  4. Lance some of the rogue landlords around here do no repairs and I know of flats with holes in roofs water running down wallls damp etc but no mater how mmany times asked do no repairs. I am sure you agree these people who rent deserve a decent property for their rent.


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