Sunday, 11 November 2012

Rememberance Sunday memories

I used to go to Remembrance Day Parades my mates were in the sea cadets from TS Hazard in Faversham. I remeber them everyday Brian Large Nigel Hart Ian Farrell Bugsie Boatman (terrible I went to school with him and cant remember his first name sorry Bugsie) the one that I remember the most is Kevin Jefferies. Every time I put shaving cream on my face my mind goes back 40 odd years to Faversham Car Park and everyone getting ready for the parade and I noticed Kevin with shaving foam in his sideburn, so now every time I look in the mirror I am transported back to those parades Ian playing Last Post on the bugle Bugsie collapsing on parade because it was so cold. Memories, I never served in the forces but I remember my fallen, Brian  died last year he was my best mate and I will always remember him, Nigel he died the year before. Ian and Ernie the older you get the longer the list becomes. I love remembering those Sundays I was a kid with my whole life in front of me now I am an old man with tears in my eyes unable to write anymore not because I have no more memories, I could write tons more, I cant see the keyboard for the tears. Remember your mates today.   

Links Faversham Remberance photos
TS HAZARD Faversham
Faversham Sea Cadets

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