Thursday, 1 November 2012

Pfizer site set for expansion

I heard on the BBC lunchtime news that the old Pfizer site is set for enterprise status and the creation of thousands of new jobs. Discovery Park, a private consortium which bought the site from Pfizers have plans to encourage universities and government research bodies to relocate to the Sandwich site. This of course is good news for Thanet, many of those who lost their jobs were locals. Read More here


  1. Good morning Don, or afternoon were you are :) I'm glad that Thanet will benefit from this, as well as many others. Denise xxx

  2. We need the jobs Denise both of my daughters used to work there plus my son in law so it has affected my family by closing. Maybe if it goes ahead we will see an upturn next year.

  3. Hi Don. Thanks for keeping this blog going. Sorry to hear that you're going through a rough time === I can empathise having been a guest of both QEQM and K&C in the last few months, although for minor situations compared with yours. In case it has fallen off your radar and, recalling your interest in photography ... why not take a look at my blog on I'll be pleased to have your opinion!
    Best regards

  4. Hello Again. Ooops, I forgot my own address ... it should be and not .com as shown before:


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