Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Obama or Romney more interest than Police and Crime Commissioner

Well in my house it is I dont know the names of Kents Police and Crime Commissioner delegates, I do know the names of Barack and Mitt. What does this say? maybe the candidates here in the UK. need to spend the billions the Democrats and Republicans have spent. So far I have seen two leaflets for the Kent Police and Crime Commissioners job I doubt the cost of the leaflet was more than a penny each and both had a stamp on so maybe the money spentt to woo me amounts to fifty pence. I will give the candidates back the fifty pence if they promise to give up and go away. I dont think  about crime too much nore the police they are just tere and get on with the job of stopping and solving crime and whoever you put in chare of them they will continue to do just that. I dont need to feel warm and cared for by seeing more bobbies on the beat. What will make me feel better is not having a new Police and Crime Commissioner but having a police force that can get on with the job. Kent already has to many over paid under performing officials at both County Hall and at local level the last thing I want to see is this new election when the one in America holds more interest to me and I suspect most others.


  1. Well said Don. I did my part and voted today. Now we have to wait and see.

  2. Denise I am pleased that when I turned the radio on this morning Barack had been declared the winner. I hoped he would be returned but nothing is ever sure untill they do the counting.


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