Wednesday, 7 November 2012

NHS gets Sentamu Blessing

I listen to the Chris Evans Show every morning and I try and listen to the Thought for the day Slot. This mornings guest speaker was Bishop John Sentamu and he mentioned how great the National Health Service is. I could agree more, as most of you know I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis so as frequent user of the health services I think I am well qualified to say he was right the NHS is great, it is our national treasure one that has all the faults and failings of aa family member, and as a family member we all acept it as it is failing and all because we love it. I often speak up in defense of our doctors and nurses they work very hard to give us our free healthcare. As I type this I have a mate in Hospital with cancer another who is in remmisssion from cancer a brother who goes in for an operation tomorrow and yesterday I spoke to someone who had just had a new hip all of this is free at point of need. We have a lot to be proud of here in the UK but as I have already said the NHS is a national treasure the jewel in our crown.


  1. Ah Don, what do you think about his views on multiculturalism, homosexuality and his criticism of Robert Mugabe?

  2. Michael I have no idea what his views are, but I do know he spoke about how good our health service is on the Chris Evans show this morning.


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